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This is it read if you can....
Hi i'm Will
This world sucks quite a bit some times you know, i get up in the morning and all i here is you can't do this you can't do that, well this world don't like me and i'm not realy liking those people who say things like you can't do that and you do that and i'll tell, well i don't like people who think of them self's as better than some one else even if they are, cuz saying you are is one thing rubbing it in is another, with the time it takes to read this you or some one you know will be told you can't do that in this world cuz you ain't got enuff money or enuff ass to sell, and as for free in the usa well i would like to know where all the free things are cuz i don't see not one good free thing about the USA...

The History Behind Saber Inc
My sight is not that old but i have had some problems with it so far (like the guest book). But Saber Inc is all about the 3d world, and i'm by my self right now, and i would like some help here. i hope that Saber Inc go's on to be very big in the gaming world, so if any body would like to be part of Saber Inc in making games drop me an E-mail. You need no nollage of rendering 3d (i'm new to it my self,but i love it), but a good 3d program is needed and a .exe program would be nice.

Right now Saber Inc is not known but i hope with some help it soon will be...

The History Behind Saber Inc
Saber Inc is going kinda good right now and me and Andrew will make cars that the world loves and like to...

If you have any Q. or some thing like that E-mail me...

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