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Grand Theft Auto Vice City!!!

Yes your reading that right i finely got it...
I got Vice City now so check'em out man, and i'll get new pic's when every i can...

it's not done yet but this is my first fully scratch made body that will get finished even if thers no release. i did the 2005 mustang body but i don't think that one will get releast cuz well thers already 2005 mustang for gtavc. and this is not a blueprinted car it's all freehand made for the chassis cuz well i had a chassis but no body so i thought why not make one. so i did...
OK from the left theres the Yamaha YZ450F 2003(you could tell better if i didn't like black so much)and then theres Ducati-996, nice bike but i don't like that kind of bike cuz i hurt my self to much, and last but not least is the Flamed Angel(i call it the Harley-Davidson Angel) its just a reskin of the Angel but i like it...
Saber Pheonix!!!
You see this, it was a bitch to get them wheels to work cuz the damn txdgold was messing up the txd file i was making but i got it to work by loading the txd in to another txd program it's like txdworks i think and then when i got it loaded in to txdworks i saved it and it came out fine and worked, it kinda surprized me when it happened cuz it wasn't working before and then it just worked, but i like the new firestone tires ther kool, and ther white lettered, and also it has some new lights in the back and now has quad head lights, it looks more and more like a Trans-Am every time i look at it...
Last of the V8 Interceptors!!!
i got the textures fixed so now it has reflections, and i got the wheels sized right and the handling fix so now it don't bounce around any more, but i think it might be to fast for it's own good so i may endup slowing it down alittle...
General Lee!!!
i love this car and it being one of my convertions is even better cuz i get to do all the building for it on the parts it needs, right now it ain't got an engine and it needs some intear work but the texturing is almost done for the body i just need to add the GeneralLee above the doors(it didn't have it on the nfs car so i have to put it on there my self)...