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2005 Mustang!!!
when i seen this on tv i had to find it on the net and once i did i was takin by this new stang it holds alot of the older mustang looks, once i get the other side of the body on there it will look alot better but for now it will just be haff cuz i ain't done getting the kinks out, i went on ahead and seen what it looked like with the other side and those wheels are just for now...
2005 Mustang!!!
i got new pics of the car here asof late and the final tail lights are quite nice i like it and now the model i been makin has the new tails as well, they ain't done yet but this is just about what it's going to be...
i got a newer pic of the miata and just check it out and it's going to be for gta3 if any body likes it or not...
The SaberStang may or may not be in any game that has no guns or i can't put guns on the car, but the normal gt500(this one with out the guns)will be in gta3 just cuz i'm tired of seeing elanor
check it out!!!
This one may and may not make it to gta3 but right now it's just there...