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Well this is more and likly the last update for Saber Inc. after 4 long years i might not have a way of coming back from this one. i'm losing my computer and might not be able to get my old one back. and after so long of having a computer my life pritty much is on the net. on the net i have friends i fill want by people and most of all i'm kool for a change and not just some body that no body knows. and it may seem like no big deal to most but it is a big deal for me. i don't know if i'm going to come back from this. so if you see a car on here that you want to know about on wether it's going to get releast for gtavc or not well more and likly not unless i get my old computer back but i don't know. well more and likly the last time. be kool you all...

Will aka...saberwolf2117